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Smith - Mebapen Mebaru 45mm 3gms
Top Water
Price: $23.95
Smith - Mebapen Hotaru
A slow sinking pencil which reproduces a glow squid pattern
Price: $23.95
Smith - Camion Magnum Dredge 36mm 3.9gm
Camion Magnum Dredge, a small crankbait of 36mm, amazingly achieved a diving depth of 3m by retrieve of 20m.
Price: $25.50
Smith - Camion DR & SR
Camion is a hybrid crankbait for trout. The fat body equipped with internal tungsten weight produces various actions. By extremely slow retrieve, it swims like a dying fish; by slow retrieve, like a tadpole or a beetle and by medium retrieve, like a diving caddis fly, etc. It deserves to be called “hybrid”. By using shallow runner or deep runner as appropriate, you can fish all depths from surface water to the bottom.
Price: $24.95
Smith - Crystal Alive 50mm 2gm, 65mm 3.5gm
The transparency of the solid acrylic material produces, a true life impression.
The crystal alive series attracts fish, with the solid acrylic material having a lens effect which has a transparency like crystal.
Price: $24.50
Smith - Still 40mm 1.4gm
Best used in shallow and weak currents. Wobbling action. Fixed weight.
Price: $19.50
Smith - Bisen 38mm 2.6gm
This Top Water has a rear installation movable wing
Price: $25.00
Smith - Towadi 43.5mm 1.8gm
Towadi is a minnow-like top water plug, equipped with a tungsten weight. Not to mention casting distance, its unique body line makes crisp walking the dog action & table turn action (a kind of walking the dog action not walking by staying), creating backwash which appeals to fish. Additionally, if you let the lure dive by strong jerk, it makes irregular action.
Price: $20.50